RIFAMPICIN - Structural Impacts of Mutations in RNA Polymerase (RNAP) of Mycobacterium leprae

RNAP: RNA Polymerase is an essential enzyme that mediates DNA depended RNA synthesis in mycobacteria as in other organisms. The holoenzyme complex is a heterohexameric protein comprised of six chains (A,B,C,D,E,F) that are encoded by rpoA, rpoA', rpoB, rpoC, rpoD, rpoZ, rpoT genes in Mycobacterium leprae. Mutations within the rpoB and rpoC genes are associated with resistance to rifampin, a bactericidal drug in the multi-drug therapy for leprosy. The mutations that are included in the HARP database are only missense mutations represented by amino acid substitutions at each residue position in all the chains of the RNAP structure. All the 19 possible substitutions for each amino acid residue are analysed using various computational tools. Submit either single mutations or just the residue positions in the fields below. Additionally, user can upload Ab1 chromatogram files and view the Blastx results.

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3D Visualization of the Rifampicin Binding Site in RNAP & Chemical structure of Rifampicin

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Interactive 3D Viewer: Interactomic Interactions of rifampicin with the surrounding residue environment in chain 'C' of wildtype RNAP. Hydrogen bonds (blue), weak hydrogen bond (light blue), pi-interactions (orange) and metal interaction (purple) can be noted.

Rifampicin - 3D View

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Protein Feature Viewer:
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